CUSTOM_IMGc_3Rovetta delivers TAILOR-MADE services.

An undeniably tailor-made experience by a skilled team able to offer customer personalization down to the slightest detail. Our research renders fabric, color and detail adaptable to any special request you may have while still maintaining accessible production minimums, creating a truly unique garment!

The project booms off our pen, transforming from model to finished garment with a “TAILOR-MADE” flare every step of the way. We are constantly researching technologically innovative material and fabric, lightweight and resistant, perfect for extreme daily use. Our design prides itself in true craftsmanship, concentrating our talents in anticipating your every need. Upon finishing our initial research, our next move is to perfect the digital equipment involved, which allows us to finalize the project in order to then move on to completely automated cutting.

  • Pattern research
  • Digitalization
  • Fabric cutting based on digital file
  • Garment sewing and construction
  • Quality control

c_1Our services span your entire company… or your entire staff. We design and create clothing and items of any which size, even promotional, based on direct and specific customer requests.
With sophisticated technology on our side, the Technical Services Office is able to study and develop new products with real print dimensions taken from the models themselves. With sharp Creation Services supervision and state-of-the-art production equipment, fabrics come to life with a personal touch and the creation of a top-notch finished garment.